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In 2017, EPA finalized stronger standards for applicators using restricted pesticides (RUPs). The revisions to the Certification of Pesticide Applicators (CPA) rule help ensure RUPs are used safely and reduce the likelihood of misapplication of RUPs. EPA decided to add a “Non-Soil Fumigation Category (M)”

This course will help prepare applicators to conform to the standards by November 2, 2023.

  • Category M Training Course

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    Category M Training Program Non-Soil Fumigation
    120 minutes
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    Category M Training Quiz
    74 questions
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    Question #50

    Volume of a pipe can either be computed as follows; 1. V = 3.14 x D (diameter of pipe) x L (length of pipe), or 2. V = 3.14 x R2 (diameter is twice the radius or R2) x L (length of pipe) so you have 2 correct answers for this question #50.

    Good Class

    I just took the category test and this course helped but you might want to read up on your pest ID and sewer treatment.

    Category M training program non soil fumigation 2024

    Well explained. Thanks.