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This Stewardship Training Module will contain certification for both Card-O-Vap 8™ and VAP-X™ products.

Completion of this training module is required of all purchasers & applicators prior to use.

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    Welcome to the Cardinal Professional Products Training Center. This is the training module for Card-O-Vap 8% and VAP-X.
    Cardinal Professional Products manufactures and distributes these two products and we require annual training to insure their effectiveness, and most importantly their safe use each and every year.

    Please be prepared to take an exam at the end of this presentation. You can review the presentation as many times as you need before proceeding to the exam portion of this training module.

    Before your certification is approved, you will also need to read and submit the Stewardship Agreement through this training module. The Stewardship Agreement must be on file before purchase of our products. The agreement and the instructions on how to submit it will be discussed later in the presentation. Please read and follow all label directions, both federal and state regulations prior to use of these products.

    The product Card-O-Vap 8% is an organophosphate and its active ingredient is a liquid formulation of Dichlorovos.  These types of products are also known as DDVP or their most commonly used name of Vapona.

    Card-O-Vap 8% distinguishes its self from other products with it’s new technology of solvents and a lower application label rate of ½ oz to 1 oz/ 1000ft3.

    VAP-X has the same ingredients and same label application rate as Card-O-Vap 8%.  Cardinal Professional Products released this product to the market at the 2014 NPMA meeting in Orlando, FL after several years of testing and data collection of it’s effectiveness.  Based on these results, Cardinal Professional Products recommends that in most situations an application rate of ¼ oz to ½ oz per 1000 cubic feet can be used.

    In areas that have excessive equipment or food plants will small areas with walls, ceiling areas for product to travel into that are not “calculated space” a need to increase the application rate may be warranted.

    Please contact your Cardinal representative for more detail and suggestions.

    Both products are registered in the same states, please note the states that these products are not currently registered in.

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    Cardinal ULV Fogging Insecticides Stewardship Exam
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